Pool Deck Paint Guide 2020

Many pool owners put a lot of effort into maintaining their swimming pool, but they often forget about the deck. The deck begins to age and the allure of your pool starts to fade away.

It even gets worse if you believe that the only solution to this problem is replacing your deck. However, there is an easier way to restore and rejuvenate your deck: applying pool deck paint.

The process of painting your pool deck is much simpler than painting a pool, possibly even shorter that the time it would take a robotic pool cleaner for small pools to clean your pool.

Protecting Your Pool Deck

When buying your deck paint, you need to go for a product that will protect the surface from different elements. Concrete has some special needs due to its moisture issues, characteristics porosity, and alkalinity.

Also, an improperly painted deck with the wrong paint wouldn’t stand against the harmful UV rays from the sun, foot traffic, and even the scraping from your pool’s furniture. Your best bet is to get a paint that is designed for swimming pool decks as opposed to getting a general purpose or all-purpose paint.

Designing an Attractive Pool Deck

Your pool deck will look attractive in colors that show the natural outdoor environment. Shades of gray portray natural stone and slate, shades of tan hint at sandy beaches, shades of dusky blue and green bring water in mind, shades of brown and maroon imply masonry and brick.

Although you can simply paint your deck in a single color, the hues will add more appeal if they are combined effectively. For example, a deck that is dusky sea or gray could be complemented by an adobe-colored serpentine path or a brick-colored border that leads to your pool.

The Painting Process

Even if you have the best inflatable hot tub for winter, you need to ensure that you paint it deck properly. Here are the steps that you should follow:

  • First, choose the paint that will best suite your deck.
  • Inspect for any crack on your deck. Clean them thoroughly using a wire brush. Also, ensure that you clean your deck.
  • Leave the deck to dry; until it is completely dry.
  • Get your roller, insert it in the paint, and roll it around your deck.
  • You might require little brushes to paint corners and other tight spots.

How to Choose Your Pool Deck Paint

The best paint for your deck should have all of these properties:

Prevent cracking – Precipitation and UV rays from the sun affect the deck and the structure begins to change, which might result in warping.

Wear-resistance – A wear-resistance paint guarantees durability.

Protect the deck from insects and microorganisms – Most decks, especially wooded ones, are a great environment for mold and fungus growth. They also attract insects.

High-quality decorative nature – The paint should preserve the original look of your deck for years.


Getting the best pool deck is a simple as following the above four factors. After that, you can easily paint your deck to ensure that you preserve it and offer it an attractive look.

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