Red Worms in My Pool: Why Are Red Worms in My Pool and How to Treat Them

For a dirty pool, you are confident that can deal with it thanks to the best robotic pool cleaner. So how about worms in the pool? What are the tiny red worms in pool? Perhaps it is your first encounter with these little creatures, so you know nothing about them.

It can be a scary experience. The presence of the red worms has made many pools owns to be concerned, not only for the nuisance they bring but the problem they might convey. 

But don’t fret out we have the solution for you in this article of red worms in a swimming pool. 

Why Are There Worms in My Pool?

These worms harsh from midges’ eggs. Midges prefer stagnant and still water as their breeding area, so it is highly likely they laid their eggs on your pool’s water. 

Under the right conditions, two to three days, the eggs turn into larva to become the tiny bloodworms. The developing maggots which turns to red hue feed on organic matter and algae.  After four weeks, the creatures turn into adult midges and leave your swimming pool. 

One thing you should note is that the red worms are harmless and don’t carry any disease. They are the primary source of food for insects and fish.

They can also clean your pool by eating algae and organic material. Sadly, they make the facility to look horrible and can terrify the swimmers.

Another thing that you should note about these bloodworms is that they are a sign that shows your pool is not okay. First, they harsh in still water, and secondly, they feed on algae and organic matter. 

How to Deal with Red Worms in My Pool

You should clean your swimming pool to get rid of the red worms and other organisms that might be in your facility.

  • Skim your pool – You can use a leaf skimmer to remove the creatures and other material that might be floating around. Place them on the ground by tapping them out of the skimmer.
  • Vacuum your pool – You can also vacuum the bottom of your pool to eliminate and prevent the spread of bloodworms. Vacuuming can remove even the dead worms. Read more: what is the best pool vacuum?
  • Clean your pool filter – You should follow the user’s manual when cleaning the filter. There are a lot of materials that can get stuck in the filter (sand filter or D.E filter) .

How to Prevent Red Worms from My Pool

You can keep the tiny red worms out of your pool by regular maintenance and cleaning. That includes following some of these points:

  • Run the pump at least once per day to ensure that the water circulates fully. That will prevent the development of bacteria and algae.
  • Test water balance like pH and chlorine regularly to make sure that your pool is safer for the swimmers. You can shock your facility if you find there is a problem.
  • Scrub the floor and walls of your pool using a brush to remove bacteria and algae.
  • Cover your facility when you are not using it for long.
  • Switch off all the lights that can attract the midges.


Red worms in a swimming pool are not dangerous, but they indicate that there is something wrong with your pool. Take the necessary measures to keep your facility in top condition.

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