What To Put Under Above Ground Pool On Grass

When installing an above ground pool for adults the most critical thing is to choose the ideal site in your garden for the pool and then preparing the site to support your swimming pool. You should also know what to put under above ground pool on grass before you begin the installation process.

Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Your Pool

If you wish to install the best above ground pool in your yard, avoid these mistakes.

  • Leveling up the low spots with dirt scoped from the higher grounds. If you do this, the dirt will eventually settle down and your pool will be on the uneven
  • Using excess mason sand. The sand should be used as a buffer from the liner to the surface but not for leveling.
  • Setting the pool’s track on the sand. You shouldn’t put the sand under the track; it should be inside.
  • Not troweling or compacting the sand. First, compact the sand and then trowel it to have a smooth finish.

Things to Put Under Your Pool on Grass

If you know “what is the best above ground pool” and get it, you can easily install it directly on the grass (these pools are designed to rest on grass). But that isn’t recommended since you won’t get a flat, smooth, and slightly resilient or soft padding surface below your pool that can prevent abrasion and punctures to your pool.

Therefore, use any of these materials to lay your pool on.

1. Install your pool on concrete pads

This is a superb base for your swimming pool since it will provide a level and flat surface, which means that your pool won’t shift. But remember that concrete isn’t smooth and might abrade your pool over time. Therefore, you might need to add a layer of sand on top of the concrete.

2. Install your pool on a commercial pad

There are a lot of commercial products that are ideal for placing under your pool if you intend to install it in your garden. Most of these products fit all types and sizes of above ground swimming pool.

3. Install your pool on sand

A layer of sand over the grass is the old way of installing an above ground swimming pool in the garden. It is easy to use and inexpensive and can be combined with other installation methods – like laying sand first and then a commercial pad over it.

4. Install you pool on solid foam

Sand might not be the best to lay on the surface. Therefore, it is advisable to use solid urethane foam sheets, not upholstery foam. Solid foam won’t slide around the surface when you add water to your pool.


Knowing how to level an above ground pool on grass is important but knowing what to put under above ground pool on grass is even critical. So, use any of the material we have listed above and remember not to make the mistakes that people do when installing their pools.

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